Remember when I had free time?

For all of those who are wondering, being an adult is shitty. 

I’m sorry that I was a brat today. 

& I’m sorry that I talked about shrimp poop at dinner. 

I’m sorry I peeled my sunburn off in that fancy restaurant. 

& I’m sorry that I always ask you if you’re okay when I know you are and asking is just going to piss you off. 

I’m sorry I got insecure when you like that girl’s photos. 

I’m sorry that you lost your cigarettes today, even though I had nothing to do with that. 

I’m sorry that my only two states of being are terribly strange or horribly depressed. I don’t have a neutral zone.

& I’m sorry I keep bursting into tears at the thought of you leaving, but it’s just sad because it’s going to happen sooner than you realize, and I’m the only one who knows it. 

Instagram is down, and my Facebook messages won’t load, so I’m going on Tumblr to complain about it. Hurumph. 

I just wanna give away most of my possessions and build a source of income via the Internet. Then I will travel, or roam, or do whatever I want and not be sad and bored all the time. 

If I call you and your phone is off, I automatically assume you’re dead. I mean, why else would your phone be off? 

I hope you’re at least in one piece, because I would be extra upset if you were mangled for your own funeral. 

I never notice when it’s the weekend anymore, because being unemployed makes every day the weekend. 

That whole “1 in every 2 2012 graduates will be unemployed or underemployed” thing is really starting to hurt. 

Somebody give me a project. WILL DO DESIGN/PR WORK FO FREE! Gotta make use of the unemployed life somehow. 

We just don’t want to take responsibility for ourselves, so let’s blame it all on something else. 

I really enjoy going to bars and playing rage against the machine on the jukebox, and watch everyone get upset and/or confused. 

I have to replace the batteries in my guitar tuner, my scale, and my vibrator. BUT I ONLY BOUGHT 4 BATTERIES. 

Ooof, priorities, priorities… 

Opaque  by  andbamnan