Raining on my birthday. How rude.

I can no longer call myself a student.

Now I’m just a regular unemployed citizen.

Happy unemployment, class of 2012!

For the past two days, I have heard my neighbor loudly getting laid, and she seems to be enjoying the hell out of it. It just reminds me that my boyfriend is sick as fuck.

And sick sex sucks. 

I hate drinking, but I like drunk.

I guess that means I hate reality. 

Boyfriend’s thoughts on feminism: “People should be equal… and stuff…” 

Lesson learned: Don’t start philosophical conversations with someone playing StarCraft. 

you know when you’ve practiced a song too long and you start randomly start sucking at it? 

i hate that. 

Sometimes how good you look really just depends on your hair. 

Listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs until I pass out. Tonight was way nicer to me than it had to be. 

Refusing to get out of bed until my boyfriend comes over and makes out with me.

I just wanna makeout, bitch.

Why on Earth did I just weigh myself? I feel extra shitty knowing that I am 100% aware of the origins of the false body ideals that have been thrown at me, and succumbing to them anyways. 

Dieting forever. Someone fix my bike please. I’m looking at you, Jan. 

Opaque  by  andbamnan